Welcome Retro-Peekers!

Fond memories of growing up in 70s and 80s? If so then you’re onto a winner! Fast forward to 2016 and check out the latest product reviews.

So what can you expect from the retrohen team? Old TV adverts, fragrances, TV shows and product reviews!

Look forward to weekly retro articles that will make you cringe, giggle and leave you with a grin that will make a Cheshire Cat envious.

The retrohen team are now back in the retro office after our summer holidays.

Check out this weeks article … Bananaman (Eric Wimp is Bananaman)

Scroll down and select recent posts … peek until you weep!

It’s not just Retro … it’s Retro with a twist!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Retro-Hen

  1. Great idea for a blog theme! There’s so many ideas of things to talk about and everyone loves a bit of retro! #weekendblogshare


  2. Fun theme. I love retro! He-Man, biking, playing until the street-lights turned on, and classic Mario, are all fond memories. I’m looking forward to seeing more🙂

    -Jed, your neighbor at #weekendblogshare


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