LET’S start 2016 right! Let the retrohen team give you some top tips for making 2016 healthy, wealthy and happy!


After the recent festivities it’s important to get you body back into tip top condition. You and your family may have become a bit stiff and robotic during the festive period after stuffing yourselves whilst slumped on the sofa. Get rid of that stiffness and regain your flexibility by having a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil! Tastes horrible? Try adding a couple of teaspoons to your Orange Juice, stir vigorously and gulp down before it has a chance to float to the surface. An alternative is to crack a few Eggs into a glass, add a couple of teaspoons and whisk vigorously before knocking back. You’ll feel the difference in a few weeks … you’ll be twisting, shaking and bending like never before. Your friends will be amazed that the robotic movement you possessed a few weeks earlier has disappeared and replaced with smooth, free swinging, effortless movements.





The chances are that you may have collected a nice wad of cash from various family members over the festive season. You may be tempted to splash out on that video recorder you spotted in Rumbelows, but before you do, consider this … is it worth making your Christmas cash grow a bit bigger? How about being responsible and sticking it in a bank account? If that sounds like a good idea, then make sure your money is working hard by sticking it into a decent bank account where you’ll see it grow overnight. The retrohen team recommend Midland Bank. Why? Well they are the listening bank and there’s one on every high street. If you save, you pave the way for financial success … if you spend, you’ll be flogging your Christmas pressies in August in at attempt to stay in the Black for the remainder of 2016. You’ve been warned!





January can be a tough month … it’s the crash back to reality after the Christmas festivities. Cold dark mornings, forcing yourself to stay awake during those meetings at work and heading home in the dark. It’s really no fun living the life of a Vampire. Anyway it’s always good to have a nice holiday to look forward to … you need a bit of sunshine in your life. Tune into ‘Wish You Were Here …?’ with the delightful Judith Chalmers and you’ll be spoilt for choice with holiday destination ideas. Sun, Sea and Sand … always a nice trio to look forward to during the winter months. If you’ve taken our advice regarding stashing some money away then you’ll be able to splash out on a luxurious holiday. Don’t forget to tune in … the day: Monday … the time: 8pm … the channel: ITV.



Judith in action

The Listening Bank

Seven Seas … Twist again

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year … retro style

  1. Nice piece. I opened my first account with the Midland Bank in 1974 – still with HSBC now, out of sheer laziness 🙂 Hope you have a great New Year and looking forward to more from you in 2016


  2. Raw eggs!!! Yak! Mum used to send me to school with milkshake mixed with raw eggs – reckon social services would have a field day with that nowadays. Salmonella anyone?


    1. Milkshake and raw eggs … sounds like torture! Raw eggs blended with Orange Juice and Cod Liver Oil was my lethal cocktail fed to me. Thanks for sharing your poison 😀


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