A close shave … Phew!

You’re striding down the street whilst chatting to your loved one on your mobile. It’s a serious conversation about what to pick up for dinner. Suggestions fly back and forth … Bray Bentos Steak and Kidney pie, Spam, Bangers and Beans or maybe a nice bit of New Zealand Lamb. It’s agreed that Spam and Chips is the choice for tonight as the conversation moves onto the menu for tomorrow night. You’re multi-tasking as you clutch your ultra thin mobile to your ear whilst still in conversation. Your other hand shovelling into your pocket to see whats scooped out in the way of cash. Your stride picks up as the conversation the on the phone gets a bit heated … ‘So what if we had Liver and Onions last week’! You’re charging towards the supermarket when suddenly your stride is brought to an abrupt halt by the screech of tyres on tarmac. You’re in the middle of a road you don’t remember stepping into. You glance down at the bonnet of the car … distance between you and the bonnet … about 2 inches. You quickly look up at the traffic lights and notice its glaring Green! The driver who almost wiped you out, compliments you on your skills of observation … each descriptive word beginning with ‘F’ funnily enough. As you get your shock ridden self out the road, the driver screams out ‘Green Cross Code’!




Stop, Look and Listen! You didn’t do any of these so you were a few inches away from disaster. A sense of shame and embarrassment embraces you as you think back to your childhood days. You recall the day you met the big man with huge shoulder pads and a Green Cross on his chest. You remember this big man watching you cross the road unassisted and giving you a pat on the head because you followed the protocol to perfection. The protocol was drilled into your young mind … find a place free from parked cars, stop, look and listen before stepping into the road. You still even have your Green Cross Code badge hidden in a tiny keepsake box at home.


You consider what the Green Cross Code would sound like in 2016 … End the conversation you’re having on your mobile and approach the curb with caution. Remove any head phones you have covering or plugged into your ears. Do not be tempted to send a sneaky text message whilst waiting for a break in the traffic. Look out for cyclists as well as motorists as they both have a tendency to jump Red lights. Once you’ve stepped out into the road, keep looking and listening. Once you’ve made it across the road and back on the pavement, keep an eye out for mobility scooters as they will mow you down!




The Green Cross Code Man. He’s a character most of us have fond memories about. He kept us safe on those mean streets. What would the 2016 Green Cross Code sound like? Any thoughts?