The Ford Capri

He was Yellow and I can still remember his registration plate … MGP 119P. You couldn’t mess with him. He stood out from the rest. He was sporty, swift and turned a lot of heads. Men wanted him. How can you resist his those sporty looks, sleek design and awesome power. His long bonnet now has iconic status. The sleek sporty one we are referring to is the Ford Capri.  

How can I remember the registration plate after 33 years? Easy really. I never forget something that stands out amongst the rest. The Capri really stood out boldly (even more so as it was Yellow). My eldest brother was the proud owner of this 4 wheeled beast. There were other cars gunning for the Capri but they had to eventually hang their heads in defeat. The Capri was just unique.

So what about him … the Capri. He was sporty … I think of him as the Daley Thompson amongst cars … powerful, muscular, flexible and a crowd pleaser. Also pretty easy on the eye. He’s a competitor and winner. He’ll push all the way to the finish line and scoop up that Gold medal.
The Capri looked good. After he’s scooped up the Gold medal, he’ll just spend time being relaxed and elegant. Expect to see the Capri at the latest trendy hang out’s. He certainly does not look at out out place in any situation.


The unique long bonnet, the sporty looking front, the sleek design … an irresistible  package. I recall Bodie and Doyle (The Professionals) jumping into the Capri and speeding off to take out the villians of this world. They also used it whilst dating the ladies. The Capri is action packed with a smooth and charming personality. 
Were you a proud Capri owner?
I loved the Capri … I want a Capri!
Sadly my brother’s Yellow sporty number came to a pityful end. My brother decided to go for something bigger … the Ford Granada (it happens as we get older, have responsibilities and kids). He decided to sell his sporty Yellow Capri to a friend. The friend in turn ran the Yellow Capri into the ground. The Yellow Capri was last seen on Harley Road being held up by bricks. A sad end to an iconic legend.
I smile when I see a Capri whizz past. The Capri will never be forgotten (and righty so). When you mention iconic cars, the Capri will be on the list. Dynamic and sporty, fast and furious, smooth and elegant, bold and confident … The Capri.