Product review: The Bearded Colonel

SHAVING … It’s something I’ve been doing for the last 28 years. Life can be unfair … we so often lose hair from our head, but when it comes to the our Neck, Jaw and Cheeks, the hair continues to grow like a well fertilized garden.

My 28 years of shaving goes like this:

  • Started off by hesitantly using a single blade razor.
  • Progressed to an electric shaver.
  • Ditched the electric shaver and moved onto a twin blade razor.
  • Progression to a Three blade razor.
  • Learnt how to shave properly!
  • Progression to a Four blade razor.
  • Subscribed to the Bearded Colonel.

Allow me to put things into context. My previous razor was good … I managed to get a decent shave out of it. The blades were expensive but that was not the main issue. The main issue was that I had to change the blade after every 2 shaves (there was a huge difference in shave quality between the 1st and 3rd shave). It was at this point that I decided to stick my neck out and try out the Bearded Colonel.




The Colonel arrives

The razor looks simple and uncomplicated. After years of using razors with buttons and switches on the handle, this razor looks uncomplicated and ready.

The blades came in a traditional looking Gold tin. I was hesitant when I was about to have my first shave using the Colonel, mainly because I had never shaved with a 5 blade razor before so I was bracing myself for shredded, sore cheeks.





The first thing I noticed when I started shaving was the lightness of the razor. My previous razor was more weighty. The Colonel was also easy to hold. The combination of a less weighty razor and ease of holding meant that it was easy to control during the shave. There is a nice amount of flex on the razor head so it gripped to my skin whilst moving from the jawbone to the neck area.

After making it through my 1st shave with The Colonel, the next stage was inspection time. The results of my inspection is as follows:

  • Amount of cuts/nicks/drops of blood = 0
  • Handling on the straights and bends = impressive.
  • Shave quality = very impressive.

After the shave there was a bit of tingling around my neck area which lasted for a few hours (seems like my skin was adjusting to a different razor and a closer shave). Subsequent shaves have left my skin tingle free.

So how many shaves am I getting out of each razor blade? So far I’ve worked my way up to 4 and looking to push for 5. Allow me to put things into some kind of context again … the hairs on my face are tough (like Barbed Wire tough) and curly. Even though I mostly shave after having a shower, I’m sure it’s still a challenge for any blade to work their way through my stubbly facial garden.



So what’s the verdict on the Colonel? One word comes to mind … Simplicity. This razor is easy to use … it’s simple but extremely effective. I’m liking it. The shave quality is of a higher standard compared to my previous razor (in terms of smoothness and closeness of shave). The Colonel not only has a regular place in my bathroom cabinet but he also slips into my toiletry bag during business travel and weekends away. In general, The Colonel does an excellent job without buttons, batteries, excessive weight and shouting. The Colonel is pretty cool … I’m sticking with the Colonel.