Are you retro???

SO you’re a tad unsure if you’re retro or not. Here are 5 indications that will tell if retroness is rooted deep inside you.


You still have a bundle of Cassettes.

You refuse to buy those CD’s … you think CD’s are the work of the evil one and you steer clear. You prefer the good old C90’s or C60’s. You love to see the reel on the cassette turning as your favourite old school tunes pump out of the cassette player. Nothing beats the ‘Clunk, Cluck, Click’ sound  whist loading a freshly recorded tape and hitting the play button.





You are the proud owner of a Black & White television.

You don’t need colours! The good old Black and White TV does just what you need it to do. All the TV programmes look like they’ve been make in the 50’s and 60’s on the B&W screen. You have 4 buttons for 4 TV channels. You dare not switch over to a modern colour flat screen TV where you end up paying for a colour TV licence. The B&W TV is a non mover in your household.




You don’t own a microwave.

You use the cooker! Microwaves are a ‘No No’! Stick your food in a box, slam the door and within seconds the food is steaming hot … ermm … you’re not convinced. When it comes to microwaves, you smell a Rat … something is not quite right. You stick to your guns and keep cooking on your trusty 4 hob gas cooker. You tuck into your meal knowing that it’s not contaminated with radioactive particles.





You drive a good old fashioned Volvo.

You like to feel secure and you feel totally assured when you get behind the wheel of your trusty Volvo. It roars like a tank, feels like a tank and the other car will come off worse in a collision. Your Volvo is well made car that’s built to last. The Volvo is your retro ride.


You have  Twin Tub washing machine.

You refuse to splash the cash on a front loading washing machine. Instead you stick to your robust twin tub. You enjoy the rigour of filing the machine up with water, throwing your clothes in and watching the machine drag your clothes around like a roller coaster. There’s very little recovery time for your clothes after rinsing as they’re slung into the spinner next door. You know your clothes are well clean after the vigorous experience of the twin tub.