The Master Baker

Shortcrust pastry baked to perfection. The Sponge is incredibly light and golden. You’ll begin salivating once the aroma of the cakes baking in the oven drifts up your nostrils. The baked items are then decorated superbly … the Jam, super fruity … the fondant, super smooth. The fruit fillings, delicious! This farmhouse kitchen is hidden away in a small village in the beautiful English countryside. The farmhouse kitchen packed with the finest ingredients to make perfect confectionary items.

The bakers of these fine items of confectionery is a bit of a mystery …  No one has ever seen them. How many master bakers are hard at work in the farmhouse kitchen? Where did they learn their trade? Is it a family business? Will they ever show their dazzling baking skills on the Great British Bake Off? So many questions but still a mystery.

The aroma of the perfectly baked confectionery engulfs the village. The village locals take a sneaky peek through windows of the farmhouse kitchen whilst ‘passing by’. Many of the sneaky peekers see no one but a few of them describe seeing a man through the steamy kitchen Windows. Some describe him as being in his 60s kitted out in bakers uniform. Others say they saw him haunched over the worktop whilst expertly rolling out pastry. A couple other locals say they caught a glimpse of him carefully pouring fondant over some cutely cut sponge pieces. It seems like we are dealing with a gent whom is highly skilled.

What type of delights come out from this farmhouse kitchen? Scrumptious French Fancies, … Bakewell Tarts that you’ll be dreaming about … Apple Pies that’ll make you rub your tummy … Jam Tarts that you’ll be munching on during your final feast … his Manor House Cake is splendid for when special guests are expected (The Queen, President, Prime Minister, Mother in-law to be).

Baker extraordinaire … he’s the undisputed champion who’s always on top form. His performance is consistent. He works hard to delight us with his fine confectionery and he never fails to delight. This Baker extraordinaire makes exceedingly good cakes.