Flexible Friend

BEING weighed down by the amount of cash in your wallet? Maybe your purse is looking rather fat and feeling rather weighty due to the large wad of cash.

Carrying lots of hard cash around can be like going for a tedious workout at the gym … it’s painful and sweaty. I’ve seen guys with their trousers almost down to their knees due to the weight of their wallet. I’ve also seen women with lopsided shoulders caused by the weight of cash in their handbags.

What’s needed is some weight relief. We need to kick bulky wallets and falling down trousers into touch! We don’t want to see women looking like The Leaning Tower of Pisa! The answer to the weighty cash problem is the Access card!


Leave the cash in the bank or under your mattress and slip an Access Card in your wallet or purse. You’ll feel the difference straight away … less stress on the heart, your trousers will stick to your waist and you’ll be walking as straight as a freshly trained Soldier! The benefits are swift.

The Access Card makes things so easy. Need to fill up on some 4 Star Leaded Fuel? Pull out the Access Card and pay easily and swiftly. Drive off chuffed that you didn’t need to fight through a wad of notes to pay.

Seen a nice chunky bit of bling in the Jewellers that you can’t resist? Flick out the Access Card and snap it up! Walk away with a Cheshire Cat smile knowing that the battle of the purse bulge did not occur.


The Access Card will change your life forever. No more making sure you have a Cheque Book and a Guarantee Card before you head to the shops. Simplicity is the name of the game and the Access card is all about keeping your life simple.

The Access card is your no nonsense, space saving, lightweight, reliable, flexible friend. It’s a friend for life not just for Christmas. Embrace and enjoy the Access Card … Your Flexible Friend.