How to make the perfect Angel Delight

You want something delicious and light … a dessert that won’t make you feel like you’ve gobbled down a pile of bricks? Angel Delight.

What’s your flavour? Quite a few to choose from so choose wisely. Choosing a flavour can be just as stressful as choosing an outfit for your best friends wedding. Take a deep breath, relax and let your senses guide you.




How do you make the perfect Angel Delight? Here are 10 easy steps to make the delightful dessert:

  1. Grab a bowl and pour in some milk. Make sure you use cold milk straight out the fridge. Pull out a thermometer and make sure the white stuff is below 8 degrees Centigrade. You don’t want your delightful dessert having cheesy off flavours so use cold fresh milk!

  2. Rip open the sachet of Birds Angel Delight making sure you don’t spill a drop of the mix. The powdered mix is like gold dust so handle with care.

  3. Carefully pour the powdered mix it onto the milk … pouring too fast may well produce puffs of Angel Delight smoke and inhaling will make you sneeze uncontrollably. Snot and Angel Delight is a No No!

  4. Beat it! Pull out that whisk and beat it. Show that mixture no mercy and beat it into submission until it’s as light as an empty Corn Flake box.

  5. After the beating you’ve dished out to the mixture, place it in the fridge and allow it to recover.

  6. Serve. If you have the the proper Angel Delight serving dish then spoon it into one of these. If not then get your hands on some other serving vessel. The retrohen team recommend a nice bone china bowl. Don’t spoil the dessert in the final stretch by serving in a coffee stained mug!

  7. Spoon dive. Clean spoon required (free from clumps of sugar or dried on coffee stains). Enter at a 45 degree angle and glide into your mouth.

  8. Enjoy. Feel the lightness of your creation on your tongue. Keep going … keep that spoon dive going at a constant easy pace until the bowl is empty.

  9. Don’t lick the bowl! It may be tempting but remember you’re not a dog. Angel Delight is classy so show some respect. If you do end up licking the bowl then Angel Delight is really not your thing … sell your house and go live in a Kennel instead!

  10. Self praise. If you’ve made it this far then give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done it! Making the perfect Angel Delight takes strength and skill. Go on … boast about your achievement to your friends. You’ve done it … Jolly well done to you!