Cold dark mornings. Not nice. You might feel guilty by making you kids walk to school instead of giving em a lift in your motor. You may feel guilty when your kids arrive at school feeling like they’ve just completed some kind of endurance test in dark, freezing conditions. You’ll be on a massive guild trip when your kids arrive home and head straight to the artist or to thaw out.

Enough of this feeling guilty lark! The trick is sending them out the house prepared for the wicked winter conditions. No need to send em out so wrapped up they look like an over inflated tyre or the Michelin Man! All what’s needed is a hot bowl or Ready Brek.

Make sure they lick the bowl clean before heading outside. The Hot Oat cereal will not just keep them warm, it will leave a lasting glow on them. It’s easy to spot the kids who’ve had their Ready Brek … it’s the ones who stride confidently to school with a glow surrounding their body. The ones who’ve ditched the Woolley hat and gloves. The ones who are sweating as soon as they step out the front door. The Ready Brek kids arrive at school ready for  classroom action. Throw any subject at them … they’re ready. There’s no thawing out time needed for these kids! Whist the non Ready Brekkers shiver and shake as if showing off a new winter dance move, the Ready Brek kids have sprinted ahead, Pens burning through paper like a forest fire … fingers working the keyboard hard and fast and showing no sign of letting up!

Lunchtime arrives and the Ready Brek Kids still have the glow, they’re still warm and still razor sharp. Sadly the non Ready Brekkers have finally thawed out but it’s too late as they have lots of catching up to do. 

By the end of the day the Ready Brek kids arrive home happy … they don’t hog the space by the radiatior or moan about the artic conditions.

So there you have it … you’ll never have a guilty bone in your body once you start feeding your kids Ready Brek. No longer will you hear ‘It’s too cold to walk’ … ‘Can’t you give me a lift?’ … ‘I’ll be a block of ice by the time I get to school’ … life will be easier and peaceful.

If you thought that Central Heating only gets supplied indoors,  you’d be wrong! Ready Brek is Central Heating for Kids … central heating that works outdoors.